It is not just a mattress, it is a family member

Helping families to rest for more than 30 years with mattresses 100% MADE IN USA.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear and simple, help to improve life quality of the families offering a pleasant and restful rest through our products designed for a better sleep.

We work tirelessly and passionately with our customers to gain their trust, not only delivering innovative products and the best customer service, but also guaranteeing the quality excellence of our manufacturing processes and materials.

More than thirty years in the industry has allowed us to find a perfect balance between innovation, research and design to offer some of the finest mattresses at remarkable prices.

Our mattress line offers a wide range to suit every need providing a unique and special experience guaranteeing a perfect night sleep.



We guarantee excellence in the quality of the entire manufacturing process of your mattress, we offer a 20 year warranty on most of our mattresses, the standard in the industry is 10 to 15 years.


We are in the constant search to improve the quality of your rest, we have several patents of materials and processes that help you sleep more pleasantly, that is our goal.


Unmatched customer care, almost zero in customer complaints. We respond Quick and timely.